Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

Everybody needs a good night’s sleep, especially babies who spend a lot of time in their bed. Pillows not only provide comfort but also gives neck and head support while sleeping.

While there are lots of baby pillows being marketed today, specialists recommend toddlers around 2 years old up to use a toddler pillow.

Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

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Choosing a proper toddler pillow

We all know that as children grow older, their needs changes. This does not only apply to their clothes and the food they eat, but also to baby bedding! Choosing the right pillow for your little one provides additional comfort and could make a big difference for a child to have a sounder and deeper slumber.
Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow
Experts recommend that the right time to start using a toddler pillow for your kid should be when they reach at most 18-24 months old. Your child will also likely to show some indications that he/she is ready for a baby pillow, including:

  • Having a hard time sleeping without head support.
  • Waking up at night being uncomfortable.
  • Resting his/her head on a stuffed toy or on other baby bedding.
  • Grabbing a pillow when lying on the sofa or bed.
  • Body indication such as when your child’s shoulders are wider than his/her head; with this, the toddler pillow will provide support under the head making sleeping more comfortable.

Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

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In choosing the perfect toddler pillow, various features must be considered such as:

  • Size – A regular adult pillow won’t do because it’s too big and high and your baby might suffocate on it. Instead, use pillows specifically made for toddlers, commonly at 12” wide and 18” long with 1-inch height.
  • Comfort – The kids’ pillow you should choose is something not overly soft to avoid suffocation and not hard to be uncomfortable.
  • Safety – Allergens and irritants like dust, pollen, and mites are lurking around your home, and you don’t want this on any of your baby bedding! A hypoallergenic pillow reduces the risks of irritation caused by these allergens.
  • Fill material – There is a wide range of toddler bedding fill material available such as foam, memory foam, fiber, latex, and feather.
  • Washable – Soiling baby bedding like pillows are inevitable. Choose a toddler pillow that can be easily cleaned or machine-washed.

Soft & hypoallergenic pillow for your little sleepy head!

A bestseller and definitely one of the most popular baby pillow, the Toddler Pillow by Little Sleepy Head proves to be a great buy!

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Why the big buzz for this product? Here are the reasons why:

Lovable pillow.  

Soft and very comfortable with the right size, this toddler pillow will surely be your child’s best sleeping buddy!
Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow

Snugly, perfect fit!

With a size of 13” wide and 18” long – perfect dimensions to provide proper support under your child’s head for a snugly and sound slumber.

Top quality fill material.

Filled just enough to provide proper head and neck support, this pillow makes use of premium polyester fiberfill and is ultimately covered by a pure 100% soft cotton fabric of 200-thread count, ensuring a smoother cover.


This product is hypoallergenic, and won’t cause dreaded allergies.


Little Sleepy Head Toddler Pillow
Easy to clean, machine wash it and it’s good for another round of toddler cuddling and loving!


Made by a family-run USA company and by hands living locally who genuinely cares about the product they manufacture.

Awesome customer service.

One surprising thing which really overwhelmed many customers of this toddler pillow is the excellent customer service provided by the company. Their return, replacement and money-back guarantee are really amazing.

For your little one, Sleepy Little Head’s toddler pillow is definitely one great choice!

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